AutoGen is excited to add sample storage and identification to our product portfolio with the addition of AltemisLab’s products.

We now offer a wide selection of 2D barcoded tubes, barcode readers, de-capping, re-capping, and other tools that help busy labs better manage their samples, reduce handling times and avoid costly misidentification or mishandling errors.

The SBS and 2D barcoded tubes and scanners make sample ID and management easy. Capture, read, decode and export data for a single tube, 24, 48 or 96 format SBS racks in less than 2 seconds. Get full compatibility with SBS formats for tubes and racks from all manufacturers, and confirm your sample is exactly the one you thought every time you handle it.

With the line of automated screw cap tools, you can save time and increase your throughput without increasing errors. Think about how much faster your sample processing would be if you could cap, decap and recap 96 tubes at once. With the SWIFT, you can automatically cap and decap a full rack of tubes in less than 20 seconds. Plus, these tools are compatible with a wide variety of screw cap tubes in SBS rack format.

If your lab is struggling with sample storage and identification, we have the answer. Our sample management solutions will add efficiency and speed to your workflows. View the entire line here.

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