2D Tubes and SBS Plates

2D tubes and SBS Plates designed to increase sample integrity by:

  • Wide Temperature Range for storage – -196-121C
  • Permanent Sample Identification – Unique Laser Etched barcodes on the base of every tube.
  • Hight-throughput capability – Innovative Cap Design – Ready for high throughput labs and decapper/recapper automation
  • Wide variety of sizes and cap configurations.
  • SBS rack – Integrated 2D barcode ensuring every sample is the one you think it is. Scanning orientation – due to location of built in 2D barcode on the plate ensuring proper plate orientation.
  • Available in multiple sterility options.



  • 2D Tube Sizes External Thread:  .5, .75, 1.1. 1.5, 2, 5ml.
  • 2D Tube Sizes Internal Thread:   .5, .75, 1.1. 1.57, 2, 5ml.
  • Cap Configurations:  Internal Thread, External Thread, Septum.
  • SBS Rack Configurations:  24, 48, 96
  • Automation options available
  • Innovative manufacturing
    The tubes are manufactured by a highly specialized and automated process, known as dual injection. This process creates a powerful molecular bond between the clear tube and the black base. The result is the single piece AlteTube.

Product Spec Sheets:
96 SBS Septum Cap Tubes .5ml – 1.4ml
96 SBS Screw Cap Tubes .5ml – 1.4ml
48 SBS Screw Cap Tubes 2.0ml – 5.0ml
48 SBS Screw Cap Tubes 1.2ml – 1.8ml