FlexSTAR Platform Oragene Saliva Kit

FlexSTAR Oragene Saliva Kit

Our FlexSTAR Oragene Saliva Kit, a precipitation-based chemistry which is ready to use immediately in your downstream applications, is optimized for the automated isolation of genomic DNA from saliva samples in the FlexSTAR workflow – a method suitable for both animal and human saliva samples from a variety of collection tubes.

  • Catalog # AGKT-FXOD3: FlexSTAR Oragene Saliva Kit 3 with Tubes – 640 preps


Key Features:

  • Isolate gDNA from 1-4ml of Oragene-collected saliva samples
  • Compatible with all downstream applications

Main Sample Type: Human and animal saliva in saliva collection tubes

Processing: Automated on our FlexSTAR or FlexSTAR+

Sample Amount: 1-4ml

Technology: AutoGen’s precipitation chemistry

Time/Run: 1-2hrs

Yield: 20-100μg/2ml Oragene-DNA saliva solution

Elution: 100-1000μl