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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your support and patience as the number of cases and countries impacted by COVID-19 increases each day.

AutoGen continues to be fully operational while still practicing safe social distancing both in and out of the office during this ongoing pandemic. We are working closely with our supply chain partners to address the demand and delivery of all our products. This has been a challenge both with production and transportation logistics, but we are pleased to report that we have a warehouse full of instruments and consumables.

We very much miss visiting our customers in person, but we’ve been busy on all fronts with new technology
advances and processes to serve every lab better. We wanted to update you on the way we are conducting
safe and responsible business practices to protect both our team and our customers. Below are a few
examples, and when this is behind us, we will be proud to say that we’re better than ever.

1. We’ve developed procedures to provide remote support to labs that remain open.
2. We’ve initiated documents, plans, and procedures in response to the many inquiries from customers
who will have new safety SOP’s when they start performing research again.
3. We’ve designed comprehensive remote installation and training programs for our workflows, allowing
customers to continue to purchase and use our instrumentation.
4. We’ve updated and improved our technical documentation and procedures.
5. We’ve revised our instrumentation manuals, making them easier to read and navigate.
6. We are updating our facility and distribution center to allow for more efficiency.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve spent considerable resources working with our partners to ensure we have
significant reagent stock to support you when we get back to work.

While drafting this letter, I saw a study from the Science Advisory Board, surveying 1,178 participants from
research labs around the world. This study found that only 13% of research labs are fully operational at this time, which is truly a startling statistic.

So, when you’re ready to get back to your outstanding research and projects, please know that we will be
there to support you.

Thank you for your business and stay safe,

Michael and the Team at AutoGen