Isohelix DNA/RNA stabilization solutions are designed to limit cellular activity to help maximize sample yields and purity long term. View our full offering below.


BuccalFix DNA Stabilization & Lysis Kits (BFX)

Designed to stabilize DNA and inhibit cellular activity, the BuccalFix DNA Stabilizations and Lysis Kits allow for long-term storage of buccal swab DNA. These kits maintain DNA structural integrity and allow for room-temperature storage and transportation. They are also compatible with most DNA isolation kits and many of AutoGen’s automation platforms.

BuccalFix RNA Stabilization & Lysis Kits (RFSS)

The BuccalFix RNA Stabilization and Lysis Kits stabilize all RNA species instantly. This allows you to store your RNA samples long-term without sacrificing sample quality. These kits also allow for room temperature storage and transport, saving labs money on freezer storage. The BuccalFix RNA kit is also compatible with all isolation kits and comes with Proteinase K supplied.

Isohelix Dri-Capsules (SGC)

Isohelix Dri-Capsules are designed to quickly and efficiently dry buccal swabs and preserve DNA, making buccal swab sample stabilization easy. They achieve long-term stability at room temperature and reduce DNA cross-contamination risk. Thanks to an inert, non-toxic coating, they are easy and safe to handle and are ideal for remote and field sample collection.

Isohelix RapiDri Swab Kits (RD-01)

The RapiDri Swab kit contains the original high-yield Isohelix DNA buccal swabs in combination with the moisture-wicking RapiDri Pouch and barcoded sealing label. Once placed into the RapiDri pouch, the swab is quickly stabilized to maximize the DNA yield without losing integrity. Stabilization lasts for three months at ambient temperatures.

Isohelix StoolFix Gut DNA Microbiome Stabilization Kit (STF)

This is the latest Isohelix chemistry, fully optimized for gut microbiome DNA stabilization. STF protects DNA structural integrity and maximizes yields for gut microbiome samples. These kits allow for minimized handling, improving reliability and compliance. They also allow for room-temperature storage and transport, plus they are automation-friendly, allowing for higher processing throughput.

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