AutoGen doesn’t stop at DNA/RNA extraction instruments and outsourced lab services. We offer a comprehensive array of accessory products made to help your lab increase throughput, stay organized and ensure high-quality isolations every time.


STAR 2D Tri-coded SBS Tubes

Keep critical samples secured and organized with STAR SBS tubes and racks from AutoGen. The STAR tri-coded tubes will never leak throughout the sample’s lifecycle—from transportation to storage to processing. Plus, our SBS 2D tube racks are space-efficient, making freezer storage easier and less costly. Learn how these sample storage racks can significantly reduce your lab’s energy costs and carbon footprint.See Product Line »

Automatic Tube Capper/Decappers

Speed up your sample processing times with the Capper/Decapper XT from AutoGen. This family of capper/decappers offers 96 or 48-channel full-rack decappers and 6 or 8-channel row decappers. Imagine decapping an entire row of samples at once or processing an entire rack of samples in under 45 seconds. See the full line of capper/decappers.See Product Line »
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STAR Tube and Rack Readers

The STAR Single Tube and Full Rack Reader is the new standard for fast, reliable SBS 2D tube rack decoding. This powerful scanner can read and decode all SBS formats instantly without switching between scanners or reconfiguration. Read and decode a single tube, 12, 24, 48, 96, or 384-format well racks instantly.See Product Line »

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