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We are the only company that offers automated precipitation-based workflows (which includes the highest molecular weight available); this is backed by 16 years of stability data.

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We’re focused on providing solutions that are the perfect fit for your laboratory workflow needs and budget.

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We promise to provide high-quality solutions that will help streamline your workflows.

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Automated workflows for every size lab and budget

We are a leading provider of automated nucleic acid extraction equipment and sample preparation workflows, that allows you – the lab professional – to produce premier, quality, and value-added extraction results.Learn More »

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The most practical, economically effective solutions for your sample preparation needs

We offer a wide variety of automated DNA/RNA extraction solutions to handle your sample and throughput needs. Our systems increase safety and quality with reliably high yield while decreasing working time and labor costs.Learn More »

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Consumable Kits

Consumable kits to meet your extraction needs

We provide a variety of consumable kits to meet your DNA and RNA extraction needs for clinical, bacterial, viral, forensic, plant, and environmental samples.Learn More »

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