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The AutoGen 965+ Brochure

GENE PREP Brochure

96 SBS Septum Cap Tubes .5ml - 1.4ml

96 SBS Screw Cap Tubes .5ml - 1.4ml

48 SBS Screw Cap Tubes 2.0ml - 5.0ml

48 SBS Screw Cap Tubes 1.2ml - 1.8ml

Brochure - GeneFiX™ Saliva Microbiome DNA Collector

FlexSTAR+ Integrated Workflow One-Sheet

The FlexSTAR+ integrated workflow one-sheet.

FlexSTAR Automated Workflow One-Sheet

The FlexSTAR automated workflow one-sheet.

AutoGen GeneFiX Brochure

AutoGen Saliva Workflows – Collection to Extraction    

QuickGene-Mini480 MAX One Sheet

This one sheet outlines the SARS-CoV-2 Workflow for the QuickGene-Mini480 MAX

XTRACT 16+ Brochure

Isolate DNA and RNA from almost anything with AutoGen’s latest automated workflow – the XTRACT 16+

QuickGene Series Workflows Brochure

The QuickGene series offers different levels of automation and is ideal for labs with low to medium throughput needs from…

QuickGene-Auto12S Brochure

AutoGen introduces the newest automated nucleic acid isolation workflow in the QuickGene series, the QuickGene-Auto12S.