At capacity? Looking for a customized and flexible extraction provider? AutoGen is the answer. Get boutique DNA/RNA extraction services that help busy labs meet big commitments.


Boutique End-To-End Extraction Services

You send us your samples. We process them. You get them back. But it’s much more than that. We track everything and communicate throughout the process. You’ll know where your samples are and what’s being done to them – at all times.See Deliverables »

An Outsourced Extraction Partner

Time is critical in sample processing. Unlike larger, generalist labs, when you call AutoGen, a person answers. We work tirelessly to ensure successful outcomes for our clients, while quickly turning around your project– without sacrificing yield or quality.Why Outsource »

Explore Extraction Services by Sample Type

AutoGen offers sample preparation and high-quality extraction of DNA and RNA from a wide variety of sample types. No matter your samples, you’ll get high quality nucleic acid suitable for any downstream.

Cutting-Edge Extraction Workflows

AutoGen has a wide range of extraction workflows at our disposal. We work with you to choose the right chemistry and instrumentation that works best for your particular project. This consultative approach ensures you get high-quality nucleic acid that’s ready for all your downstream needs.

Talk to the Nucleic Acid Extraction Experts

Service is in our DNA. Get in touch with our extraction experts and let’s get your project started.