Extraction Workflows

The nucleic acid extraction teams at AutoGen provide DNA and RNA extraction services to meet the demands of any project. Depending on your specifications and the sample type, we can implement a workflow using any one or combination of our different extraction technologies ensuring the nucleic acid is ideal for your specific project and downstream application.

Our team has years of experience handling DNA and RNA extraction workflows from a wide variety of sample types.   Below you’ll find our most common extraction methods.

Precipitation Based Isolation

Our FlexSTAR+ is a fully automated solution for gDNA extraction and isolation from large volumes of blood, saliva, buffy coats, and more. The FlexSTAR+ is the first and only totally automated system utilizing Qiagen’s FlexiGene chemistry to isolate genomic DNA free of RNA and other contaminants.  The FlexSTAR+ also offers full sample tracking and LIS integration.  This proven precipitation chemistry produces pure, high molecular weight gDNA ready for immediate use and long-term storage.

Magnetic Bead Based Isolation

The XTRACT 16+® robotic, benchtop workstation provides fast, high-yield, nucleic acid purification from virtually all molecular diagnostic, biological, clinical, and forensic sample types. This workflow is extremely flexible, offering protocols for DNA and RNA isolation from solid tissues, like FFPE to liquid based or cell-line samples.

Patented Porous Membrane

Our QuickGene series uses an ultra-thin, polymer, porous membrane along with gentle, positive air pressure to provide a quick high-purity, high-yield nucleic acid extraction. With this process, nucleic acid can be rapidly and reliably isolated at low pressure without being damaged, which realizes high-quality nucleic acid isolation.

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