Maximize cell collection with buccal swabs from Isohelix. The unique swab matrix found in all Isohelix swabs is designed to increase yields of high-quality buccal cell and nucleic acids and all species of RNA.

SK-2S Buccal Swab with 2ml Tube

The special 2ml tube in the SK-2S comes with a unique cap design that removes the whole swab head for storage. This makes the swab easier to manipulate in many DNA isolation workflows.
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SK-3S/4S Buccal Swab Packs

Depending on your needs, we also offer individual swabs without the tubes. Get 250 individually wrapped swabs or 250 packs of two swabs per pack (total of 500 swabs) for a versatile, cost-effective buccal cell, genomic DNA, and RNA collection solution.

MS Mini – Buccal Swab for Smaller Subjects

The MS Mini buccal swab is a perfect swab for smaller subjects. This easy-to-use swab comes with a breakpoint closer to the swab head to make storage in smaller tubes possible. These tubes are ideally suited for veterinary and animal applications, pediatrics, and more.
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SwabCatcher (L/00/50)

SwabCatcher tubes are used alongside RapiDri DNA and RNA Swab Kits. These tubes simplify the swab’s transition through sample processing. The tubes are also available pre-filled with BuccaLyse DNA and RNA stabilization buffer for room-temperature shipping. These tubes are leak-proof and work well with high-throughput automation.

SK-1S Buccal Swab with 5ml Tube

The Sk-1S is an easy-to-use buccal swab with a 5ml tube for storage for the swab head. A unique swab matrix and quick-release surface are proven to maximize DNA and RNA yields. These buccal swabs are easy to handle and quick to use, ideal for many applications.
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