Every nucleic acid extraction project is different. From sample type to quality requirements to downstream applications, our team works with you to build a custom workflow that fits your exact requirements. These are some of the ways we can further customize your project.


Sample Normalization

Need your samples standardized? We’ve got you. We’re here to help ensure any subsequent analysis your lab has planned for your samples gives clean data and reproducible results across every sample. Our experts work with you to meet your exact specifications.

Plate Replicates

If your samples are needed for a large-scale study, we can replicate as many samples as you need so you can perform your analysis. Our workflows and stringent QC procedures ensure variations are minimized across samples, ensuring your downstream analysis is reliable and reproducible.
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Our team can fractionate your blood samples and extract DNA from the cell type needed for your downstream analysis. We work with you to give you what you need to ensure your downstream analysis is successful. No matter what you’re targeting, our team can help you separate it for analysis.


If you need specific concentrations or identical replicates from the same sample, we can aliquot the extracted genetic material to match the concentrations required for your downstreams. When aliquoting, we treat every sample with care as if a life depends on it because, in many cases, that’s not an overstatement.

Multi-location Sample Distribution

Have multiple lab locations? Need certain samples to go to certain locations? No problem. We can work with you to ensure your samples get to where they need to be when they need to be there.

Additional QC Procedures

We ensure every sample meets the standards for your downstream. If sample integrity is critical in your downstream application, our team can run your samples through a TapeStation to generate a DIN or RIN to verify the overall quality of your extraction.

Let’s Get Your Extraction Project Started

Service is in our DNA. These are only some of the ways we can further customize your extraction project. If you have specific requirements for your DNA/RNA samples, we’re ready to get into the weeds with you. Get in touch with our experts, who can walk you through your options.