Speed up your sample processing times with the Capper/Decapper XT from AutoGen. This family of capper/decappers offers 96 or 48-channel full-rack decappers and 6 or 8-channel row decappers. See the full selection below.

Decapper update

Full Rack Capper/Decappers

Available in 96 or 48-channel configurations.

Process an entire rack of sample tubes in 45 seconds. The Capper/Decapper XT makes sample processing simple. These rack decappers feature cap drivers with spring-loaded metal balls that adapt to the cap creating a leak-proof seal without over-tightening. They also work with your workflows, integrating with other automated instrumentation via API or operating as a standalone device. Compatible with STAR screw cap tubes from AutoGen.

Handheld Row Capper/Decappers

Available in 8 or 6-channel row configurations.

Reliably decap 6 or 8 tubes in a row with an ergonomic, handheld, automatic decapper. This handheld decapper is compatible with the STAR 96-channel rack for the 8-channel option or the STAR 48-channel rack for the 6-channel option. Speed up your sample processing workflows and ensure each tube gets a leak-proof seal with precise individual motors in each channel. It also comes with a power-saving mode for longer operating time in wireless mode.


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