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The new AutoGen vortex module upgrade enables a 35% improvement in throughput

Holliston, MA, September 16, 2020: AutoGen Inc. is excited to announce the launch of the vortex module upgrade to their portfolio of FlexSTAR workflows. FlexSTAR workflows are fully automated instruments for isolating genomic DNA from large volumes of whole blood, buffy coats, saliva, cultured cells, and other samples. The FlexSTAR platform is the first and only totally automated system that uses Qiagen’s FlexiGene precipitation chemistry to isolate genomic DNA free of RNA contamination.

The new vortex module replaces the agitator within all FlexSTAR workflows. With this new module, overall run times are reduced by 35%. The upgrade also enables more samples to be processed per run. Labs can now isolate genomic DNA from 30 buffy coat samples, derived from up to 10 ml of whole blood, per run. Upgrades also include processing up to 4 ml of Oragene saliva in a single well, which allows for a significantly lower cost per prep.

In addition, isolation of high molecular weight DNA is improved, with isolation of gDNA > 150 kb now possible. The vortex module upgrade includes a plastic “spouted” tube unit, which is integral to the improved performance and speed of the FlexSTAR instruments.

“The vortexer is a perfect enhancement to the FlexSTAR workflow,” said Michael Messier, CEO of AutoGen. “This was developed based on feedback from customers and we are pleased to offer this improved feature as field upgradeable and available to all current and future FlexSTAR and FlexSTAR+ customers. As always, this comes with the same unwavering support and industry-leading service that we’ve been providing for over 20 years.”

Download Release: AutoGen Vortex Press Release Sept 16, 2020