Our QuickGene-Mini8L instrument is a personalized genomic DNA extraction solution for rapid isolation of DNA samples including 2ml of whole blood, saliva, bone marrow, and plasma.

  • The non-automated version of the QuickGene-610L, which has the same kits and technology, but priced more economically
  • Processes up to 8 samples per run in 40 minutes


The QuickGene-Mini8L is our newest compact device for large volume genomic DNA isolation. It is the non-automated version of the QuickGene-610L and uses an ultra-thin, polymer membrane for efficient capture of high-purity, high-yield gDNA from up to 2ml of whole blood or Oragene collected saliva.




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Sample Type

Blood – Large Volume (0.5-10ml), Liquid Biopsy, Saliva, Viral

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