A Guide to Outsourcing Your Samples Amid Lab Shortages

With many labs at capacity, DNA & RNA extraction projects are taking longer – months longer. This guide uncovers insights into the issues causing these delays and offers a solution for labs looking for faster turnarounds with high-quality DNA & RNA yields. Download the guide to learn more about:

  • The laboratory capacity problem
  • How it affects DNA & RNA extraction projects
  • Your options for outsourcing extractions
  • How sample processing is different with a specialist provider

About AutoGen

AutoGen provides expert nucleic acid extraction solutions for high-volume labs, including outsourced processing services, highly customizable automated instruments, and consumable kits. Their solutions help biobanks, universities, CROs, and diagnostics centers increase DNA and RNA processing throughput, meet commitments to end customers, and advance the business of science. A boutique lab itself, AutoGen understands the growing workloads and technical demands of modern labs, and the human-centric level of service needed to respond.

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DNA & RNA Processing Guide

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Drug development, Ph.D. research, or time-sensitive disease progression research – all of these fields need faster, higher-quality nucleic acid extractions.

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