We offer specialized DNA and RNA extraction laboratory services. Access the latest in automated extraction equipment, chemistries and protocols from a team of US-based extraction experts dedicated to your project’s success.

A State-of-the-Art Extraction Lab that Works for You

Every extraction project is unique. Our lab is equipped to handle everything down to the most minute detail. We work with you to customize the ideal instrumentation, chemistry, and protocol to produce the best results.


Configurable Extraction Workflows

Our automated workflows are best-in-class and highly configurable to your requirements. No matter your sample type and processing amount, we can create the protocol and workflow that will yield the most viable nucleic acid for your needs.See Workflows »

Cutting-Edge Extraction Instrumentation & Sample Storage Solutions

When you work with AutoGen, you gain access to high-end extraction equipment that helps maximize your sample yield and quality. Our entire process is monitored and tracked by our customed designed LIMS processes all supported with 2D SBS format racks, scanning devices and automated decappers.See Instrumentation »

Proudly Serving the World

AutoGen offers sample preparation and high-quality extraction of DNA and RNA from a wide variety of sample types. No matter your samples, you’ll get high quality nucleic acid suitable for any downstream.

Our Extraction Lab is Your Extraction Lab

When you work with AutoGen, you get cutting-edge extraction technology backed by a team of experts. We care about your projects. Unlike other outsourced labs, when you call with questions, a real person on our team answers right away. We’re ready to work with you.