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Looking to outsource your DNA & RNA extraction? In this article, we explore the biggest benefits for outsourcing this critical function to an expert nucleic acid extraction lab.

There are many reasons labs choose to outsource DNA extraction.

A sudden increase in demand for their services. A lack of internal expertise or automation resources to ensure a quality, downstream-suitable extraction. Not enough funding for the proper extraction instrumentation to automate their DNA or RNA extraction workflows.

Whatever the cause, if your lab needs external help processing DNA and RNA extractions, working with an outsourcing partner is a reliable solution with several distinct benefits.

4 Major Benefits of Outsourcing DNA and RNA Extraction Steps

Benefit #1: Domain Expertise

Biotech companies, research institutions, pharmaceutical labs and CROs all have different areas of expertise. That expertise may not include nucleic acid extraction.

If that’s the case in your lab, then outsourcing your sample processing to an outsourced extraction specialist is a great way to access greater expertise. That expertise can lead to a better-quality sample.

Specialized extraction labs that offer DNA extraction services typically have highly trained personnel. They possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure your isolations meet required quality standards for the downstream applications in your research.

Not every DNA or RNA extraction project is the same. An outsourced extraction specialist can put their expertise to use accounting for uncommon sample types or specific project requirements. An outsourced extraction provider will be able to take those requirements into account to yield the best extraction possible.

Benefit #2: Latest Technology and Most Effective Protocols

Automated DNA and RNA extraction workflows help labs process more samples with greater quality and consistency. The equipment to automate these workflows, however requires up-front investment.

If your lab has the backing and the infrastructure to purchase and maintain the equipment, then purchasing specialized nucleic acid extraction instrumentation can be a wise investment.

If this isn’t the case, then outsourcing can grant your lab access to lab state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies, increasing the quality of your isolations without a major up-front cost and continuous up-keep and repair costs down the line.

Benefit #3: Resource Efficiency

Depending on the needs and capabilities of your lab, extracting DNA or RNA in house, may not be the most effective use of your lab’s money, time and resources.

As we mentioned earlier, setting up your lab to handle DNA and RNA extraction automation comes with relatively high costs. Those up-front expenses can include purchasing specialized equipment, reagents, and maintaining a dedicated facility.

Those costs may not make sense for your lab. Even if you’ve received new funding, there may be other investments in your lab and personnel that take priority.

In terms of resources, apart from money, you need space for new equipment, you need time to train your personnel, and you may have thousands of samples waiting for extraction that will need to be properly stored.

With an outsourced extraction provider, you’ll no longer need to worry about those factors. This will allow your scientists and researchers to focus on their core competencies or primary research goals without the distraction of setting up and managing DNA and/or RNA extraction processes.

Benefit #4: Quicker Turnaround Times without Sacrificing Quality

If your lab has a one-off extraction project or if you have an overflow of samples to process, an outsourced provider can act as a relief valve.

Working with the right extraction service provider is usually faster and results in better quality extractions than doing it yourself.

The best part is those automated, standardized protocols involve strict quality control measures built into the process. This ensures your extraction quality is as good as it can be, so you can count on accurate, reliable, and reproducible results downstream in your research.

How To Find the Right DNA & RNA Extraction Vendor

When it comes to choosing the right outsourced extraction partner, there are three qualities to look for – expertise, transparency and responsiveness.

  • Expertise: Specialist extraction services firms will work with you to determine the course that will yield the best results. Generalist lab services providers may only offer a few extraction protocols that may not be right for your needs.
  • Transparency: Make sure the provider you choose is transparent about timelines and where your samples are in the process. They should provide clear and consistent updates on progress without you needing to track them down.
  • Responsiveness: If you call the lab handling your samples, who answers? If it’s not a person, you should consider other providers.

Conducting your search with these qualities in mind will help you find the right outsourced provider, so you can get your samples processed on time.

Conclusion: Start Outsourcing Your DNA or RNA Extractions

The nucleic acid extraction step is integral to the success of downstream assays. Ensuring that RNA and DNA extractions are done correctly with the highest yield and nucleic acid integrity is critical.

Often, you are able to only get samples once. If your lab lacks the capabilities to perform high-quality automated extractions, outsourcing to the right lab should be a top priority.

Need a dependable DNA/RNA extraction partner? Get in touch with AutoGen today. Our experts will be happy to talk through your options.