QuickGene DNA Tissue Kit

QuickGene DNA Tissue Kit

Our QuickGene DNA Tissue Kit, which is optimized for the extraction of high-quality, high-yield genomic DNA from tissues, cultured cells, and bacteria, uses our automated QuickGene-810 or manual QuickGene-Mini80 workflow.

  • Catalog # FK-DTS: QuickGene DNA Tissue Kit – 96 preps
  • Catalog # FK-DTSC: QuickGene DNA Tissue Kit Case (8 kits) – 768 preps


Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin, membrane-based, polymer kit that does not require centrifugation or vacuum
  • High molecular weight due to gentle, positive air pressure, minimizing shearing
  • Faster workflow in comparison to a standard manual kit or bench-top model
  • Purified, high-quality genomic DNA suitable for all downstream applications

Main Sample Type: Animal tissue, cultured cells, bacteria, plants and saliva

Processing: Automated on our QuickGene-810 or manually on our QuickGene-Mini80 or QuickGene Mini480 MAX

Sample Amount: ~5-10mg of tissue

Technology: QuickGene ultra-thin, polymer membrane with gentle, positive air pressure

Time/Run: 5 – 25 minutes

Elution: 100-200μl