FFPE Tissue

FFPE Tissue DNA and RNA Workflows

We provide automated workflows for labs of all size and budgets, along with a choice selection of extraction methods based on the need. Our FFPE tissue DNA and RNA workflows provide you with the ability to process up to 16 samples at once.


Extraction Services

Is your lab experiencing limited staff, time, or budget? AutoGen provides DNA and RNA extraction services to meet the demands of any project. Our dedicated team has the expertise to extract and isolate nucleic acids from a wide variety of samples with cost-effect solutions. Learn how we can help save your lab time and effort.



Low-Medium Throughput

XTRACT 16+ Scroll in, DNA or RNA out, fully automated without the use of xylene or other organic solvents; can service medium throughput
  • Throughput: 1-16 samples in 2.5 hours
  • Chemistry: Magnetic, bead-based
  • Unique Features:
    • Easy-to-use touch screen operation
    • UV decontamination
    • LIMs integration with sample tracking/bar code scanning

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