XTRACT 16+® Genomic DNA Plant Kit

XTRACT 16+ Genomic DNA Plant Kit

Our XTRACT 16+ Genomic DNA Plant Kit is optimized to extract genomic DNA from plant tissues using our XTRACT 16+ workflow. Its set filter column has the ability to filter hard tissue samples, preventing any obstruction during pipetting. Our patented, magnetic beads bind to DNA fragments with high affinity, ensuring important genetic information is collected efficiently. Isolated DNA is applicable for downstream sequencing, species identification, and analysis for diagnostic and research use.

  • Catalog # XK301-96: XTRACT 16+ Genomic DNA Plant Kit – 96 preps


Key Features:

  • Consistent and repeatable results
  • Prevent contamination with pre-filled and sealed cartridges
  • Completely automated procedure from cell lysis to elution requires minimal manual pipetting
  • Isolates DNA from multiple sample types in the same run, including: various plant and fungal tissues
  • Purified DNA is ready for all downstream applications

Main Sample Type: Plant and fungal tissues

Processing: Automated on our XTRACT 16+

Sample Amount: 400µl

Technology: Magnetic bead chemistry

Time/Run: 33mins

Yield: Dependent on leaf and starting amount

Elution: 30/60/100/150/200μl