The XTRACT 16+® is our newest robotic, benchtop workstation for fast, high-yield, nucleic acid purification from virtually all molecular diagnostic, biological, clinical, and forensic sample types. Key features include a small footprint, lightweight,  user-friendly interface, a broad range of entirely built-in programs with free upgrades, and 1-16 samples that can be isolated simultaneously at your fingertips. Our instrument will simplify your daily routine, providing full traceability of kits and samples through real-time mobile monitoring and a complete report that can be downloaded on a computer at the end of each run.



Extraction Principle

Unlike the traditional method of purifying nucleic acid, our magnetic beads allow specific binding to DNA/RNA with minimal cross-contamination and no clogging concerns. 

Full Traceability of Samples & Kits (LIMS)

A .csv report is generated at the end of each run and contains all relevant data including:

  • User’s name
  • Sample and kit barcode
  • Protocol number
  • Sample and elution volume
  • Start and end time

The file can be subsequently processed by a LIMS.

Real-Time Mobile Monitoring

To see real-time information about the run processing status and the remaining time and errors during the run, our instrument HMI can be accessed with Wi-Fi via your smartphone/tablet through our app; Android and iOS compatible.

  • Power Supply
  • Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: >1.5kVa
  • Pipetting Unit: X-, Y- and V-axis movements for sample transfer and dispense
  • UV Light: power 8W, life duration 10,000hrs
  • Heating Block: room temperature -90℃
  • Weight: 70kg/154.35lbs
  • Dimensions: 23.62” W x 23.62” D x 23.62” H (600mm W x 600mm D x 600mm H)
  • Electric Control: PLC module and ARM-based main board embedded
  • Display Screen: 7” color touch panel
  • Accessories: T-racks, cartridge racks, barcode scanner
Operating Parameters
  • Capacity: 1-16 samples
  • Processing Time: 30-90mins
  • Sample Volume: 200/400μl/1.2ml/3ml/4ml
  • Elution Volume: 30/60/100/150/200μl
  • Storage Temperature: 15-35℃
  • Operating Temperature: 18-30℃
  • Pollution Degree: Level 2

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