XTRACT 16+® triXact RNA Kit

XTRACT 16+ triXact RNA Kit

Our XTRACT 16+ triXact RNA kit is optimized to isolate total RNA (genomic and mitochondrial) with our XTRACT 16+ workflow from the three most common sample types in diagnostics, research, and forensics, up to 1 x 106 cultured cells, a variety of tissues, or whole blood samples. Our program provides an optional DNase I treatment to remove residual DNA and extract high-quality DNA-free RNA. Simplify your everyday isolation with its outstanding performance, efficient extraction process, and easy-to-follow protocols.

  • Catalog # XK631-72: XTract 16+  triXact RNA Kit – 72 preps


Key Features:

  • Excellent RNA yield and purity showed in both A260/A280 ratio and RIN value
  • Highly efficient and user-friendly protocol with minimal pretreatment required
  • Capable of isolating RNA from multiple samples types in the same run, including: cells, whole blood, and tissues
  • Optional DNase I treatment to remove residual DNA
  • Purified DNA is ready for all downstream applications

Main Sample Type:

  • Whole Blood: fresh or frozen whole blood
  • Cultured Cells: cell suspension or cells grown in a monolayer
  • Tissues: fresh or frozen human and animal tissue

Processing: Automated on our XTRACT 16+

Sample Amount: 1 x 106 cultured cells, a variety of tissues, or 400μl whole blood samples

Technology: Magnetic bead chemistry


  • 48mins (without DNase I treatment)
  • 81mins (with DNAse I treatment)

Dependent on the sample and starting amount

Elution: 30/60/100/150/200μl