The GENE PREP is a fully automated plasmid and genomic DNA isolation workflow. Simply place your samples on the workstation, press the start button, and walk away. Utilizing our tried-and-true phenol chemistry, the GENE PREP delivers high yields for pure DNA, ready for the next step in your workflow.

Features include:

  •  Fully automated isolation of Plasmid, BAC, Tissue, Cells, and more.
  • Automated lysate prep from solid tissue samples.
  • Easily process 48 samples in 2 hours or up to 192 samples with the optional stacker
    module, in a single shift.
  • Throughput is modular and can easily increase over time as your lab’s needs change.
  • Ability to customize protocols to optimize your workflow.
  • Low-cost operation utilizing our tried-and-true phenol method.
  • Full run recovery – the ability to restart the operation.


The GENE PREP workflow uses our proven precipitation chemistry for medium to high throughput extraction. The GENE PREP offers an option tube stacker for unattended processing of up to 192 samples. The built-in centrifuge processes 48 samples per batch in 2 hours consistently and reliably. The GENE PREP has protocols for DNA purification and extraction from tissues, cells, plants and plasmid preps.

Summary of Features

  • Automates entire DNA preparation and extraction process including on board digestion.
  • Capable of extraction from multiple sample types.
  • Low cost per prep using AutoGen’s reliable solution phase extraction chemistry.
  • Higher throughput based on new design which shortens processing time.
  • Produces high quality and high yields of DNA.
  • Optional tube stacker allows for unattended processing of up to 192 samples.
  • Expandable modular design grows with your requirements.


Instrument Dimensions: 28.3″W x 26.4″L x 60.4″H
Weight: 530 lbs
Power Amp: 15 amp
Voltage: 100V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz

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