Switch Semi-automated Screw Cap Handling

AutoGen is pleased to partner with AltemisLab, a leader in streamline sample storage, identification, and handling. The AltemisLab team have been working with 2D barcoded storage tubes since 2000 when the technology was first used by pharmaceutical companies for compound storage. AltemisLab continues to deliver this technology along with tube barcode readers, screw capping de-capping, and other practical lab tools to bring a new era of efficiency to your workflows.

In addition to being a North American Partner for new customers, these products integrate perfectly into AutoGen’s FlexSTAR+ workflow. The AltemisLab products will allow our customers to utilize an even more streamlined process from primary tube to storage plate with readers, de-cappers, and various storage options.

Please contact Rob Osborn at 508.395.8161 for additional details or to request a quote.

Switch Semi-automated Screw Cap Handling

The only decapper capable of switching between 6, 8 and 12 formats.

Quickly cap, decap or recap tubes by column or row. Featuring interchangeable cap driver cassettes for easy processing of different screw cap tube types and tubes in 24, 48 or 96 SBS rack formats.



Revolutionary design
Innovative two-handed control, for maximum user comfort and effortless screw cap processing.

Intuitive to use
Light touch buttons initiate decapping or capping. Low force dual button cap ejection.

Uniquely flexible
Interchangeable cap driver cassettes compatible with screw cap tubes in 24, 48 or 96 SBS rack formats from most manufacturers.

Process caps in columns or rows. Recap tubes or discard used caps. Apply fresh caps from a cap carrier.

Precise torque control
Electronic cap driver control ensures each screw cap is perfectly capped every time.

Multi use stand
Includes portrait or landscape rack placement. Convenient for storage, USB charging and holding caps for re-capping.