XTRACT 16+® Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kit

XTRACT 16+ Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kit

Our XTRACT 16+ Genomic Whole Blood Kits are optimized for isolating DNA (genomic and mitochondrial) from samples containing whole blood, plasma, serum, and buffy coats. Built-in programs for all kits enable easy whole blood DNA isolation with our XTRACT 16+ workflow.

  • Catalog # XK101-96: XTRACT 16+ Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kit (Speedy Installation) – 96 preps
  • Catalog # XK104-96: XTRACT 16+ Genomic DNA Large Volume Whole Blood Kit – 96 preps


Key Features:

  • Consistent and repeatable results
  • Prevent contamination with pre-filled and sealed cartridges
  • Completely automated procedure from cell lysis to elution requires minimal manual pipetting
  • Isolate DNA from multiple sample types in the same extraction with the same kit, fresh and frozen blood, buffy coat and saliva
  • Purified DNA is ready for all downstream applications

Main Sample Type: Fresh and frozen whole blood, buffy coats, and saliva

Processing: Automated on our XTRACT 16+

Sample Amount: 200μl-1.2ml

Technology: Magnetic bead chemistry

Time/Run: 39-82mins

Yield: 150-200ng/μl

Elution: 30/60/100/150/200μl