XTRACT 16+® Total RNA FFPE One-Step Kit

XTRACT 16+ Total RNA FFPE One-Step Kit

Our XTRACT 16+ Total RNA FFPE One-Step Kit is optimized for total RNA isolation from FFPE tissues using the XTRACT 16+ workflow. It features the one-step heating method to melt paraffin and lyse tissues simultaneously without getting harmful reagents involved (e.g. xylene or other organic solvents). The system optimizes the lysis conditions to reverse the formalin fixation without the need for overnight digestion and retains both large and small RNAs. Additionally, our program provides optional DNase I treatment to remove contaminated DNA.

  • Catalog # XK605-72: XTRACT Total RNA FFPE One-Step Kit – 72 preps


Key Features:

  • Total RNA isolation from FFPE tissue samples, starting from melting paraffin to the final RNA purification
  • User-friendly protocol with minimal pretreatment required
  • Stable deparaffinization with Sula oil (no organic solvents involved)
  • Create optimal conditions with a thermostable cap specially designed to cover the reaction during the long processing period, where lysis buffer and FFPE samples can mix properly
  • Total processing time is within ~160mins
  • Purified RNA is ready for all downstream applications

Main Sample Type: FFPE Tissue

Processing: Automated on our XTRACT 16+

Sample Amount: 50µm tissue section

Technology: Magnetic bead chemistry


  • 140mins (without DNase I treatment)
  • 158mins (with DNase I treatment)

Yield: Dependent on starting amount, 1.8-3.8µg

Elution: 30/60/100/150/200μ