FlexSTAR Platform Flexigene DNA Whole Blood Kit

FlexiGene DNA Whole Blood Kits

Our FlexiGene DNA Whole Blood Kits, which are optimized for the automated isolation of genomic DNA from human whole blood or buffy coat samples, are a key component to the FlexSTAR workflow. Suitable for fresh or frozen samples from a variety of collection tubes, the gDNA generated with this chemistry is free from RNA, protein, and other contaminants. Additionally, our high-quality, precipitation-based chemistry is ready to use immediately in your downstream applications – generating up to 200kb and stability out to 17 years.

  • Catalog # AGKT-FG-640: Fresh Flexigene Reagent Kit – 640 preps
  • Catalog # AGKT-2FG-640: Fresh/Universal Flexigene Reagent Kit – 640 preps
  • Catalog # AGKT-FG-640-FZ: Frozen Flexigene Reagent Kit – 640 preps

5 Hole Spouted Tubes

  • Catalog # AGPT-2100SC: 5 Hole Spouted Tubes
  • Catalog #AGPT- 2100SC- Barcoded: 5 Hole Spouted Tubes with Barcodes




Key Features:

  • Isolate genomic DNA from large-volume, whole-blood samples
  • Collect nuclei pellets to facilitate RNA removal
  • Eliminate proteins by protease digestion
  • Compatible with all downstream applications
  • Offers 17-year stability data as of 2019

Main Sample Type: Blood, PBMCs, buffy coats, cultured cells, and bone marrow

Processing: Automated on our FlexSTAR or FlexSTAR+

Sample Amount: 0.5-10ml

Technology: FlexiGene precipitation chemistry

Time/Run: 2-3hrs

Yield: 10-40μg/ml

Elution: 100-1000μl