FlexSTAR Platform Saliva Kits

FlexSTAR Platform Saliva Kits

Our FlexSTAR Saliva Kits, precipitation-based chemistry that is ready to use immediately in your downstream applications, is optimized for the automated isolation of genomic DNA from saliva samples in the FlexSTAR workflow – a method suitable for both animal and human saliva samples from a variety of collection tubes.

  • Catalog #AGKT-3FXOD3: FlexSTAR Saliva DNA Kit with Tubes
  • Catalog #AGKT-3FXOD3: FlexSTAR Saliva DNA Kit 3 with Spouted Tubes
  • Catalog #AGKT-3FXOD4: FlexSTAR Saliva DNA Kit 4 with Spouted Tubes (To be used when processing saliva from Oragene® collection devices.)
  • Catalog #AGKT-3FXOD5: FlexSTAR Saliva DNA Kit 5 with Spouted Tubes (To be used when processing saliva from Isohelix collection devices)
  • Catalog #IC-3FXOD5-Manual: Saliva Manual DNA Kit 5


Oragene is a registered trademark and DNA Genotek is a trademark of DNA Genotek, Inc.

Isohelix™ is a technical division of Cell Projects Ltd, specializing in the development and manufacture of innovative high quality DNA Sampling and Purification products for the Life Science Research, Molecular Diagnostics and Forensic markets.



Key Features:

  • Isolate genomic DNA from large volume saliva samples
  • Eliminate proteins and contaminants by Proteinase K digestion
  • Compatible with all downstreams

Main Sample Type: Human and animal saliva

Processing: Automated on FlexSTAR/FlexSTAR+

Sample Amount: 1- 4ml

Technology: AutoGen’s trusted precipitation chemistry

Time/Run: 2 – 2.5 hours for 30 samples

Yield: 20-100μg/2ml saliva sample

Elution: 100 -1000μl