Case Studies

Case Study: Constantly Optimizing the Efficiency and Quality of the Nucleic Acid Extraction Process

With AutoGen’s FlexSTAR and its FlexiGene chemistry, the East Anglian Medical Genetics Service was finally able to fully automate its…

Case Study: Improving the Quality of Processed Samples and Ensuring Efficiency of Utilized Resources

AutoGen’s FlexSTAR+ aided ARDL in maintaining its strong reputation and allowed its resources to be more strategically allocated. Beyond enabling…

Case Study: Improving the Efficiency of DNA Extraction with the QuickGene Workflow

The bone marrow transplant repository at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) in Cincinnati, Ohio is one of many…

Case Study: Finding the Best Automated DNA Extraction Workflow to Meet the Needs of the Lab

The Division of Nephrology at the Columbia University Department of Medicine is one of the highest ranked nephrology programs in…

Case Study: Genotype Specific HPV Prevalence Among Cervical Cancer Cases in Honduras

Honduras has a high incidence of cervical cancer linked to infection with one or more high risk human papilloma virus…


A SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL AND VIRTUAL FLEXSTAR+ INSTALLATION AND TRAINING SESSION Even though international borders were closed, AutoGen’s first virtual installation…

Case Study: How DNA Extraction Automation Improved the Detection of Genetic Illnesses in the Amish and Mennonite Populations

Since its founding in 1989, the Clinic for Special Children (CSC) has brought compassionate clinical care to children and adults…


QuickGene-Auto12S Brochure

AutoGen introduces the newest automated nucleic acid isolation workflow in the QuickGene series, the QuickGene-Auto12S.

QuickGene Series Workflows Brochure

The QuickGene series offers different levels of automation and is ideal for labs with low to medium throughput needs from…

XTRACT 16+ Brochure

Isolate DNA and RNA from almost anything with AutoGen’s latest automated workflow – the XTRACT 16+

QuickGene-Mini480 MAX One Sheet

This one sheet outlines the SARS-CoV-2 Workflow for the QuickGene-Mini480 MAX

AutoGen GeneFiX Brochure

AutoGen Saliva Workflows – Collection to Extraction    

FlexSTAR Automated Workflow One-Sheet

The FlexSTAR automated workflow one-sheet.

FlexSTAR+ Integrated Workflow One-Sheet

The FlexSTAR+ integrated workflow one-sheet.

Brochure - GeneFiX™ Saliva Microbiome DNA Collector

48 SBS Screw Cap Tubes 1.2ml - 1.8ml

48 SBS Screw Cap Tubes 2.0ml - 5.0ml

96 SBS Screw Cap Tubes .5ml - 1.4ml

96 SBS Septum Cap Tubes .5ml - 1.4ml

GENE PREP Brochure

The AutoGen 965+ Brochure

Finding Fast & Reliable DNA & RNA Processing

White Papers

White Paper: How to Choose Your Method for DNA Extraction from Whole Blood

The technique you choose for whole blood DNA extraction impacts not only your results but also the ease of your…

White Paper: Maximizing DNA Yield from Whole Blood Extraction

When you perform genomic DNA extraction from whole blood, low yield or low quality DNA can result in many issues.…

White Paper: Next Generation Sequencing Results on the AutoGen FlexSTAR+

Genomic DNA extracted using FlexiGene precipitation chemistry on the AutoGen FlexSTAR + produced high quality gDNA of high molecular weight…

White Paper: Optimal DNA Isolation of Liquid Biopsy

When cell apoptosis or necrosis occurs, DNA is released into the cell environment referred to as cell free DNA (cfDNA).…

96 SBS Septum Cap Tubes .5ml - 1.4ml

White Paper: Genomic DNA Extracted from Heparinized Whole Blood Using AutoGen FlexSTAR

The American Type Culture Collection, ATCC®, routinely extracts genomic DNA from heparinized whole blood using an automated extraction instrument. However,…

MSDS Sheets

FlexSTAR DNA Finishing Kit - SDS SHEET

FlexSTAR Flexigene Kit - SDS SHEET


XTRACT Genomic DNA Bacterial Kit - SDS SHEET

XTRACT Forensic DNA Direct Kit - SDS SHEET


XTRACT Genomic DNA Tissue Kit - SDS SHEET

XTRACT Genomic DNA Plant Kit - SDS SHEET

XTRACT Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit - SDS SHEET

XTRACT Cultured Cells DNA Kit - SDS SHEET

XTRACT Genomic DNA Large Volume Whole Blood Kit - SDS SHEET

XTRACT Genomic DNA Whole Blood Kit-Speedy Installation - SDS SHEET

QuickGene RNA Tissue Kit - SDS SHEET

QuickGene RNA Cultured Cell Kit - SDS SHEET

QuickGene RNA Blood Cell Kit - SDS SHEET

QuickGene DNA Tissue Kit - SDS SHEET

QuickGene DNA Blood Kit S - SDS SHEET

QuickGene DNA Blood Kit L - SDS SHEET

QuickGene-AutoS RNA Tissue Kit - SDS SHEET

QuickGene-AutoS RNA Cultured Cell Kit - SDS SHEET

QuickGene-AutoS RNA Blood Kit - SDS SHEET

QuickGene-AutoS DNA Tissue Kit - SDS SHEET

QuickGene-AutoS DNA Blood Kit - SDS SHEET

XTRACT Liquid Biopsy DNA Kit 4ml Kit - SDS SHEET





MER-R3 Hydration buffer

MER-R4 Precipitation Buffer

MER-R5 Wash Buffer

MER-R1 Lysis buffer

MER-19157 Protease

MER-R2 Denaturation buffer

102-104-105-106-110-202-210-211-301-401-502-601 Cartridge SDS-RBC

405-406 Cartridge SDS-RBC

PB-R1 or ag00112-PBR1 - Resuspension Solution R-1

PB-R2 or ag00210-PBR2 - Lysis Solution

PB-R3 or ag00310-PBR3 - Deproteinizing Solution A

PL-M1 or AG00121-PLM1 - Plant Lysis Solution

PL-R2 or AG00316-PLR2 - Plant Denaturing Solution B

PL-R3 or AG00317-PLR3 - Plant Deproteinizing Solution

R4 or AG00410-R4 - DNA Precipitation Solution A

R5 or AG00510-R5 - DNA Wash Solution

R9 or ag00111-R9 - Resuspension Solution A

TD-M1 or AG00117-TDM1 - Tissue Digestion Solution A

TD-M2 or AG00122-TDM2 - Tissue Digestion Solution B

TD-R3 or ag00312-TDR3 - Deproteinizing Solution B

TD-R8 or ag00113-TDR8 - Resuspension Solution R-2


Technical Notes

Technical Note: QuickGene-610L Blood

Technical Note: QuickGene-810, Mini-80, Auto12S Blood

Technical Note: QuickGene-810, Mini-80, Auto12S Tissues/Cells

Technical Note: QuickGene-810, Mini-80, Auto12S RNA

Technical Note: XTRACT Tissue, Swab, and Stool

Technical Note: XTRACT triXact RNA

Technical Note: XTRACT Liquid Biopsy

Technical Note: XTRACT FFPE

Technical Note: XTRACT Cultured Cells

Technical Note: XTRACT Blood 2

Technical Note: XTRACT Bacterial

Technical Note: XTRACT Forensics

Technical Note: XTRACT Plants

Technical Note: XTRACT Viral Nucleic Acid

Technical Note: FlexSTAR Oragene ® Saliva

Technical Note: FlexSTAR Blood

Technical Note: FlexSTAR 10ml Buffy Coat

Technical Note: The New AutoGen Tube Rotator

GeneFix - Technical Note - 64 Months Ambient Stability

GeneFix - Technical Note - In-Use Stability Study over 5 years

GeneFix - Technical Note - Shelf Life Study 10 Years